Thursday, April 4, 2013


My mother in law sent a huge box of clothing to me.   She has pretty good taste, better fashion sense than me anyway.  My fashions lean sadly toward giant warm sweatshirts and baggy jeans.  I like to be comfy.   

So Master had a bit of a fashion show this afternoon as I changed into each outfit and then came out to show him to see which ones he would approve.   He liked all but four of the outfits, so then my task was to clean out my closets enough that I could fit all the new clothes in there.   The stuff  to get rid of filled one and a half large garbage bags of clothing good enough to donate, and a whole trash can full of things that were too worn out even for Goodwill.  

I also had two heavy boxes of magazines in the closet which were blocking up the room for the new dresses, so I asked Master to come help me move them.    

He made a comment about me probably being able to find these magazines on line now, but my answer was:

 "But these are MINE".  

 Yes, I'm attached to them.  And I'm just about 99% sure that these particular magazines (going back to 1967 because I even bought the back issues) will not be found on line anywhere.   

Moving the boxes led to him wanting to see me in one of the sexier outfits again, and that led to him wanting me on my back on the floor in the sexy outfit getting fucked and getting it all sticky.  

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