Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making Master Happy

Him:   I'm feeling blah.

Me:  I know, how about ...( mimes BJ)?

Him:  Maybe later.   I think it would be more fun to snap some clothespins off you with the belt.  Come upstairs.


We head off upstairs, to a very chilly bedroom and I reluctantly strip out of my warm clothes.  

He positions me and fastens clothespins to my arms, outer thighs and two on the inner thighs.  They do smart a bit, in a pleasantly painful way.

He has me turn my back to him and snaps the belt a few practice shots, hurty enough to make me wince.

Then he takes out the clothes pins one by one with the belt snapping. The first one on my inner thigh is completely snapped in half.  The second one on my inner thigh comes off unbroken and the belt has left a welt.    After a few more solid whacks on my backside, just for fun, and he puts the clothes pins back on, turning me to face him this time.

I close my eyes, but he orders me to open them and watch.  
Snap, one pin gone, snap, two gone.   A few more blows to my thighs, stomach and arms. 

Then he steps back and tells me to spread my legs.  The belt snaps in the air.  Right there.

Him:  I'm just half a step too far back to reach you now.

A couple more snaps in the air.

Him:  But you know what I'm doing now?

He steps foward half a step.

Me: Yes, Master.

       Him:  This one is going right to your cunt.

He makes as if to snap it but instead gives me the command to cum.   I start cumming hard and just as my knees are collapsing he steps forward to catch me. 

Now that is romance!  

He is all cheered up now, too. 

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  1. Wahow!!! WOW WOW WOW.

    HOLY HELL that was fucking hot. OMG!!



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