Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have had so many changes in the past couple of years.  I'm talking mental and attitude changes.  Things that once made me feel slighted, hurt or offended I now look forward to performing with glee. 

Whether it is having my holes used like a kleenex or sock  to get him off before bed, or folding his laundry, or putting away his dishes, or any of a hundred other services I provide, almost every time I can do it with an appreciation of my role, and feel how lucky I am to have him to serve.  I may be getting a bit sappy again, but would you rather hear my complaints?

Even when I get an order I don't want to obey, like this morning, it does work out for the best usually.  

 I asked him if I could "call in sick" from being the helping mom at school today.  In case I forgot to say, he had signed me up for that, and I've been doing it once a week since.  It has been sometimes very hard keeping the kids on task, but it is always rewarding for our son, who loves having mom at school.  I think it makes it special for him.   A room full of second graders though! There is a good reason I never wanted to be a teacher.   This morning I was just not in the mood so I asked if I could stay home.  

Master looked at me sternly and said  "Are you sick?" and I said "No."   

"Well, you should go then" he says.   And that was the final word.

I went, and it turned out this is the last day for needing helping moms at school this year, and I got a present from the class.  It was very sweet, and I was glad he made me go.     The kids in my group were sad to see the end of the activity, and said they would miss me.  Sniff sniff.   :)


  1. They do know what best for us most of the time, don't they?

    The changes sometimes seem so small but when one reflects on them as a whole she realizes how far she has come.

  2. Children are cunning critters... don't fall for it :D


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