Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy crying?

It started with the leather paddle, hard.  

 He was standing in front of me and using it to wrap around and hit my ass.  It is flexible enough to give a nice wrap around.

So, yeah, that hurt.   

"Quit your whimpering,"  he said, "You wanted this".  

Well, ok, I did want it.  Badly.  But it still hurt.  I tried to stifle my whimpering.   He switched to the whip, now standing behind me and went to first gently swishing, then hard cracking across my backside.  It stung, and I was still trying hard to stifle the whimpering.   Then the floggers, really hard.   He used the cane on top of the stinging welts left by the whip.  Now I was beyond whimpering and had moved on to crying.   

 "Bend over and touch the floor" he commanded.

I did so, and as the cane hit me now,  this position seemed to make it all the more painful.

"All that yoga you have been doing is useful" he commented, as I did seem noticably more flexible than before.  Still, I am no where near bendy girl, but it is easier to touch the floor. 

Master pushed me to the floor, had me on my back and started fucking me.  I struggled to get away.  It wasn't doing much good, and he laughed at my attempts.  "Are you trying to escape?"

"Yes.  I'm going to get away".   

"What, you don't want this? You want to go to bed?"   He sat up.

"Yes, Master".  

"Oh, ok" he said, feigning indifference.    

 "I just have one thing to do first-- rape your sorry ass."   

He grabbed both ankles and held me by them in one of his hands, then took me again.  I squirmed, squiggled, wrestled, bit, even punched him. I wasn't playing very nice.  I felt wild and scared.  I needed to get loose.  
  I almost got away a few times, only to be dragged down and back to him by one ankle.   He pinned my hair under me and took a nipple in his other hand.  Squeezed between two painful options, hair pulled out or nipple pulled off, I froze.     But as well as he had me, he was not in fucking position, so he shifted and then thrust inside me again.  I gave in to the feeling, and thrust back up against him.   He commanded me to cum, but I wasn't there yet.  Apologetically: "I can't".   He wrapped his hand around my throat and slapped me across one cheek and the other, said again "Cum!"   Then I did, it came out of me from fright and arousal combined, a hard fierce orgasm.

Now he pulled out and said that unless I could escape for real he was done fucking me and he was going to jack off on to my face.  He still had me pinned somehow, with his one hand, while doing that.  I started struggling again.   I had to get away now, cause, well, I really did want that fucking.   What is this, reverse psychology or something?

I got one hand free and used it to pry his fingers off the other wrist.  I bit him on the arm, and aimed a punch to his inner thigh.   That finally did it, and I squirmed out of his grip and across the room, doing a little victory dance.   He came toward me, looming at me, looking very big.  My dance stopped and I waited, head lowered, no longer feeling quite so victorious.   

"Get on the bed" he said. And I went lickety split past him to get there.   He let me use the magic wand while he fucked me and I came probably half a dozen times.   In the middle of it all, he stopped and tied me up, hands bound to my sides, and took me from the rear.  He came
 Lying cuddled against him, still bound tight, I was sniffling.  Tears and snot. He asked me what was wrong, was I ok?    I was crying, but I felt quite all right with the world.  I tried to answer his questions, to confirm that I was doing just fine, couldn't be better, but not a lot of sense was coming out of me.  I couldn't make the words right.  

He decided I was fine, in my own little world of subspace, and then he said something funny, I can't remember what it was.  It probably wasn't even that funny, but I got to laughing and crying at the same time, and then just snuggled up against him to enjoy the space.    

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  1. Happy crying......yes it certainly seems so.

    Fighting against it and being forced is nice every once in a while. Master enjoys a good fight every now and then.


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