Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Day

I want to write a post, but I'm just wiped out tired and brain dead tonight.   So I hope this makes sense. 

The whole story leading up to today is complicated and not something I'm allowed to discuss, but I'll just say that Master had given me a task that was WAY out of my comfort range, and after a bit (a lot) of melt downs and "But, but, but..." on my part I had finally settled into obeying him.   It ended up not working out, but Master let me know how much he appreciated my surrender, and my efforts to make him happy.

Then he said that for a short time he was suspending the rule that I can not play without his direct supervision, but only with Mystique. 

  He gave me to her, for whatever purposes she wanted, for the day today.   And possibly other days in the future, as long as I can keep getting all my work done at home.   

So this morning I busily cleaned our house, did laundry and fed the animals.  
I arrived a little after noon, post-yoga class and shower.   We chatted a bit and then some of her friends came over, and while they talked I washed the dishes and swept the floor.   Mystique made me stop cleaning and come over by her, otherwise I was planning to do the whole house.   Heck, I figured if I was going to be her slave-gift she might as well get her money's worth.  So to speak.

After they left, I did some laundry.   Then I mentioned that I had brought my collar and leash along.  In my purse.  You know, it feels a bit naughty to go to the gym with a collar and leash that don't belong to a dog concealed in one's purse.    She said I should put them on and then get a cane and another implement out of the dungeon.   

I looked at the array of implements lined up on the wall racks, and tried to think which one would be the easiest to use up close and sitting down, since she cannot stand on her broken leg.     I finally settled on a wooden paddle.  

Lying over her lap, I received a most delicious spanking, but since I hadn't asked Master if I could cum, she did not let me.  

Then I went out to fetch some fast food for us, and said my good byes.   I still had to run to the grocery store.  

I got home, put away groceries,  made dinner, finished the laundry, fed the animals again, cleaned up the dinner dishes, helped kids with homework, scooped poop in the yard (the snow is melting, leaving much mess out there) etc. etc.    

Master is thinking maybe I shouldn't have an orgasm at all today.    

I'm thinking I'm just about too tired to care one way or the other. 

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