Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad Slave Thoughts

So what do you do when you get those little nagging "bad slave thoughts"?  The ones that are telling you to break a rule, any rule, "Just to see what will happen".  
 Ok, don't tell me I'm the only one who has them?  I know I'm not.

Well, what I do, on the very wise advice of a friend, is to put on my big girl panties and act like the slave I have promised to be.  Which is to say, I follow the rules. 

Then in the morning I confessed my thoughts to him (he was so tired last night I didn't want to keep him up) and he listened, then fucked me silly and came in my mouth.  After that I got the attitude adjustment.   This is different than a punishment, but still rather painful, just without the guilt over having messed up. 

Afterward he told me "There is that servile smile I like to see".  

How embarrassing, and yet a little hot, that I actually have a "servile smile".   


  1. If you are wanting to break a rule because you are craving some sort of pain, then this went really well for you - you didn't have to break a rule and you got the pain. That is where I think the bad slave girl thoughts come from personally.

    If it was another reason, then that may require more thought.

  2. It was more than that I think. If I want pain, usually all I do is ask for it. I'm not embarrassed to ask anymore, and he doesn't object to being asked. My bad attitude came from something else, something that happened earlier in the evening. I felt like I was having to make too many decisions, and it was bothering me.


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