Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Whip and My Protector

Master and I went to visit Mystique today.

Mystique hat got a new whip, and it had been packed away in the dungeon during our Wednesday cleaning frenzy, but she wanted me to see it, so I went and brought it out.   It is a dragon tail type thing, but with two tails.  Very whippy!   She tried it out on me and it felt quite nice.  My little protector wasn't having any of that though!  

Max, her chihuahua/yorkie mix, 4 lbs of adorable fury, has decided that I am not to be beaten, whipped or spanked.  That is fine for other people, he doesn't care, but not for me.    I tried to explain that I was ok with it, but the little dog has his mind made up. 

Master tried the whip on me also.    Max did not approve of that either.  

1 comment:

  1. Oh was a darling little protector. She must be very attached!



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