Saturday, April 13, 2013

Getting Ready

This morning Master wanted to be out of the house in good time, so
I got up early, got the animals taken care of, including triplet lambs that were born last night, and made breakfast, got my shower etc.

Then I was trying to decide what to wear and asked him if he would look at my outfits.   He said sure, right after I fuck you.  

A hard paddling, whipping and fucking ensued, and when I was collapsed on the floor in a puddle of happy goo, I asked again about the outfit.

"Oh yeah, that one you had on looked fine".  The one which was now in a heap on the floor.

He told me to thank him for being his used fucktoy, and I did, most awfully gratefully.   I've been thinking about how good it was all day, in fact.

I washed up, got re-dressed and we still made it out the door in good time.  

He drove me down to Madison to hear a lecture topic on Leather history, which was interesting.  I didn't know much about it, but was curious. 

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  1. You are always sooo ready. I admire that. I hope one day I also will be that ready each time my Master want to use me.. .


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