Thursday, April 4, 2013

Naked and Beaten

On the way home Master mentioned that I was wearing way too many clothes.  I took this as an order to start removing them.  First the skirt and panties.  Then he insisted that the shirt and bra must go.   I was left in only boots, and with my jacket over my front to hide under in case any cars went by.  The road was pretty empty, so there wasn't much danger of that.  

He told me to spread my legs and raised his hand.   I did, and WHAP! he slapped my thigh, and again, and again, until the skin was hot and pink and I was moaning in pleasure and pain.  Still, he kept up the slapping, in the same spot, over and over.

He told me to describe what was going to happen when we got home.  So I started making up a fantasy.  He told me one.  I told his fantasy back to him with a few twists of my own.  This while he kept up some intermittent hard slapping of my thighs.   

We pulled into the yard, and I had to trot into the house behind him, carrying my clothes, still wearing only black boots.

He took me upstairs and tied ropes around my body, then tied my hands to the rafters.   First the floggers, both front and back.  Then his belt, the blows covering my back, shoulders and butt with stinging red marks.  He untied me,  had me stand facing him, and used the belt on my front, the mons- snapped once there HARD with the belt and I almost doubled up.  On my breasts, stomach, pussy, but not quite so hard.   Hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough for me to seriously think about making a run for it.  (I know, bad slave, but I do think about that sometimes, then I realize what deep kimchi I would be in if I did run and hide behind the bed and I just stand there).    I really think he should tie me up for the hardest ones.   What do I know, though.  He most likely enjoys seeing me struggle to keep myself in place.   

He fucked me, slapping my face and chest as he did, pinching nipples, and made me cum, many, many times.   He pulled out, so he could cum down my throat.   I came then also.  


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  2. I hate it when I get all excited in seeing that I have a comment here, and then I go look and it is spam.

  3. Very freaking hot ancilla. I just love your ride home and how he stripped you during that ride to prepare you. Do you actually keep your jacket pulled closed or does he make you expose your breasts as he drives you home? I thoroughly enjoyed your post, subgirl.

  4. Well, thank you! The jacket was pretty much just in case another car did come past.


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