Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sex, Tipping Point and Blogging and Stuff

There is a lot of stuff that goes on here, in our house, in my brain, on the internet,  that I just don't have time to fully write out in the blog.   Or maybe I just don't have the inclination.   Not every single thing that happens is worth writing into a full story.  I'm sure that happens with all bloggers.

Today we had some of the hottest sex in recent memory, but damn if I can remember a thing about it.  Certainly not enough to blog about it.  There were clothespins involved.  There was a little pain, not a lot.   There was a Hitachi magic wand (I love that thing- it is magic! Just like the name! )
There was breath play.   Slapping. A whole lot of fucking.   It was just very, very fine.


Master went to visit Mystique and I stayed home.

  I had a very long computer chat with a friend who is a slave.  I've never met her in person, but we have Skyped, and we chat all the time.  She has been a slave about the same amount of time as me, a little longer, and her dynamic is somewhat similar, not exactly the same of course.   We are each others "go to" person for problems.   I always talk to Master first, but he sees things from a Master perspective and sometimes I need help from a slave perspective, so I go to her.   This week it wasn't me having trouble, it was her.  So I did my best to give advice, and hope that it works out for her.  I'm not all knowing, but I do have a lot of opinions!   

Some day I'm going to drive down and meet her, since it is not the other side of the world from me.  A day's drive.  I even have permission. 

Last night, what do I say about last night?  It was one of those tipping points.  You know, where something could go either way and either way seems fearful, but afterward it is all relief and happiness.   It helped me grow in confidence and trust as his slave. 

See, last night I didn't want the belt.  He said he was going to do it, but I was scared.   I told him this, and he did it anyway, and not just the belt, but the other strap I hate even worse.  
I reminded myself that I'm the slave, and this is what I do, one of many things that I do, and I made it through without trying to make a run for it.   Afterward I was full of all the warm fuzzy happy endorphins that I thoroughly enjoy, and we snuggled into bed.    

I am so grateful to him for this.    


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