Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Off

This morning I am feeling just a bit off.  It could be the start of a cold. 

Last night I was also off, but I didn't know it.   He was extremely eager and lustful.  He grabbed me by the hair in the kitchen when no one was around.   I started to fall to the floor, but he hauled me up and bent me over the counter instead, moving violently against me.

When it was finally bedtime, after everything had been done, I waited for him as always.

He came in, turned me over, and as I lay stretched out on the floor flat, he used the new scary paddle on me, which was pleasantly ouchie :).   I guess I do ok with paddles, at least for a short time.  The more they are used the worse it gets.  This was only a few hard smacks.

He said he couldn't see much of the smiley imprint on my butt.
Master made me roll back over and clipped clothespins to my cunt.  This hurt a lot and I was not very stoic in my complaints.   He took them off after a minute, telling me to cum as he did.

Then he started making love to me, gently, sweetly.  

I was just off, though, I don't know.  It may be the cold starting, or whatever, but I was just not feeling the normal amount of lust. My stomach hurt.  I failed to orgasm several times, until he got frustrated with my lack of response, my lack of fucking him back, my just lying there passively, and he started slapping me.      This got the desired response, although I felt a bit scared and disoriented, my traitorous body responded and became aroused.   The more he held me down, slapped, pinched and bit me the more eager I became until I was cumming all over the place and we were left in a soggy puddle.

When he finished he asked me what was wrong, and for a minute I couldn't explain, as I didn't really know.  

After a bit of pondering, it came to me and I told him.   He was feeling all soft and tender and loving, after I complained so much about the clothespins, and I was in the mood for really rough.

He said next time I should just tell him "Master, you are making me sleepy, can you ramp it up 5 or 6 levels?".    I laughed at this and said that sort of comment never goes well for me.  

Then he made me say it.  Ecoutez et Repetez:   "Master, you are making me sleepy, can you ramp it up 5 or 6 levels."

He gave me a hard spanking, and punched me until I came again.

Ahhhh, good times.

But this morning I still feel off- dizzy, stuffy nose- I think it is a cold.  Bleah. 


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