Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ahhhh, romance.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Master is reading the newspaper, while I'm playing on the laptop.   I glance up to see him staring at me.   He has a look in his eyes that more than smolders.  It says plainly that he wants to rip off my clothes and fuck the shit out of me.   He jerks his chin at me, in that "Come with me" gesture.  Doesn't speak.   He rises and heads off upstairs.  I follow, with my heart racing and cunt throbbing. 


  1. Where is the rest?! Tease!

    1. You don't get tired of me just writing about how we have sex all the time??

      Also, Master said I have to tell you thank you this morning, because reading your writings inspired him :). I think it was the one about the tack bra.


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