Friday, May 3, 2013

Yay! Myst comes back!

I have been going to her house a few days a week to visit, but this has been the first opportunity in a long time when the weather, her injured leg, and everyone's health cooperated enough to get her back over to our house for playtime.

It started with lunch, and then me stripping down to just my socks.  

Every time I do this there is an incredible feeling of submissive exposure and slight embarrasment as I stand there totally nude in front of two clothed dominants.   I feel especially vulnerable and exposed when they make comments on how I look, as they will do, even if these are positive comments.  

   Master called me to him, and put me over his lap.

He held me while Mystique applied canes, whips and floggers.  On his order, I stood.   Master put some clothes pins on my body and used the hard strap to flick them off, making sure to get me with the strap in several other places just to be sure I felt it.

Then I was once again bent over the couch and saw behind me a condom going over the, um, interestingly shaped handle of one of the floggers. The handle had a big oval ball on the end of it, designed specifically for insertion, I'm sure.  

An assortment     shows some examples of what I'm talking about

 The Hitachi went on and the handle went in, and the torments of not being able to orgasm began.   Every time I got close I got told "No. wait".   I waited.  Myst used the toys on me relentlessly while I sucked Master's cock.  I think I found the T-spot.  You know the G-spot?  Well, I'm starting to think I have a T- spot in my throat that makes me want to cum.
 It was terribly difficult to hold off, and seemed like the sweet torment of being on the edge went on for hours.  I have no idea how long it really was. 

When I finally got permission to come, the orgasm went on and on, rising and falling, for minutes possibly.   Amazing!

Today I'm sitting uneasily.  Master said the outer labia are bruised some.    It was totally worth it though. Yum, yum, yum!   Plus, poking bruises makes me think of the fun of yesterday all over again.

This morning he woke early, but then came back to bed and sent me down to make his breakfast.  After the kids left he had a few extra minutes for a quick blowjob.  There wasn't time for any snuggling in bed, so as he got dressed I had the urge to fall at his feet and just lie there, so I did.  I kind of like his leather house moccasins.   

He said to me "You are such a slut.  But you are MY slut".   



  1. Wow. Two dominants. Very hot.


  2. Um....Um.....ahh.....uuuuuu

    What a day! You are one very lucky sub!! What a fabulous playtime!!


  3. Very nice, i have had some great times being double dommed in the past..and some not so good times.

    Im glad she is back to good health and you can all enjoy each other again, having not been wel myself lately (and still not too good) i appreciate how frustrating it can be...not that im in any state for any bdsm at the moment lol


  4. what an amazing day: two dominant, their power feeding off each other, amplifying it, to enjoy you. lucky you :-)

  5. You know we read your blog and often exclaim how do they find the time, not to mention the energy. LOL

  6. Dedicated pursuit of decadence.

    Besides, I don't write about all the times when the whole evening was "Oh, yeah, we were tired. We watched TV and then went to sleep."


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