Sunday, May 5, 2013

Clothed male, naked female

Last night, Master said he finally completely understood the power trip aspect of the idea of having a fully clothed man and naked woman.   We went to a venue that allowed nudity, and while I went starkers, except for my collar and sandals, Master stayed fully dressed.  I sat on his lap and he fondled and played with me.   Later on he whipped me, and let another person whip me.  

I told him I fully groked the feeling from the bottom side, but I wasn't sure what the opposite of a power trip is, when it is enjoyed equally from the bottom as the top.    He suggested it was humiliation, but there may be more to it than that.    It could be as simple as submission. 


  1. For me it's as simple as the saying, the clothes make the man.

  2. My God and I do this often in our home. Me stark naked, he fully clothed. He loves this. When I asked him why once, he told me a Slave is not supposed to have any possessions, and being naked is an extremely mindful way of reminding yourself of that. The other thing is that even the poorest of the poor clothe themselves to preserve their dignity. Since I have none as his slave, why bother? For me, being naked and exposed before him and unable to shield myself from anything he might do at any time, keeps me on a sexual high all the time.

  3. I love having my girl naked but she gets chilly and wants to wear at least a bathrobe.



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