Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing In My Mind

Master took another trip into my mind this morning, playing, rearranging, poking about with sharp sticks... until he found passion, lust, jealousy, humiliation and tears, and then in the end brought me up and back to laughter and brain buzzing joy.   

He was also experimenting with his own emotion, but he did not find what he expected there in his mind.   In himself he was looking for rage, jealousy and anger, but found only love and acceptance. 

I feel exactly like his thing.  Property inside and outside.   I fell at his feet to worship him afterward, so grateful just to be allowed to do that.   He let me stay there for a minute, giving me a few swats with whatever was handy (a tube of saran wrap), then dragged me forward by my hair, flipped me over and masturbated onto my face.  My eyes,  nose, hair, mouth, neck, all over slicked with his come.


  1. "...but found only love and acceptance." How amazing to find someone who offers you those things. You are a blessed girl.


  2. I love those moments where they get in your head, perhaps play with your emotions, but put you back together again afterwards.


    1. Afterward I do feel I have been broken down but rebuilt stronger than ever.


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