Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plans Amuck!

I talked with Master last night about a scene he is planning for a summer event.  I'm just not at all sure about it.   It will be something entirely new and scary.   He started out saying it was my choice and ended up arriving at the conclusion that he will force me if necessary.   Truthfully I prefer not to have options and to be forced because otherwise there are just so many doubts and questions floating around in my head that it makes my stomach hurt.  Having choices and options is not what I signed up for when I became a slave. 

So for now I'm operating on the premise that it will happen, and trying not to think about it.  (Yeah right, I'm totally thinking about it).  I'm also not going to spill it in public until (maybe) afterward.  

That is not the Plans Amuck part.   This is:

Today I got invited to spend the day out having fun, and Master approved,  but I had to cancel because the kids are sick.   Instead I'm doing some chores I have been putting off, and waiting for that good feeling of accomplishment to hit me (nothing so far...).

I'm also doing a lot of daydreaming about last Sunday night. 


  1. I saw the bottom of my laundry basket yesterday! The feeling of accomplishment lasted about ten minutes...
    Sorry you had to cancel your fun. Hope the kids feel better soon!

  2. I took care of sorting a huge pile of paper work. I'm still waiting for the good feeling to kick in...


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