Thursday, May 23, 2013

Her Master's Voice

It's after, and I'm watching ksst perform her yoga routine.  She's beautiful, although she doesn't realize it.  She is working on a stretch, and complaining how difficult it is; how she hasn't gotten even a milimeter more flexible since starting two months ago, and I'm thinking how fun she well be to fuck in that position when she gets that extra few milimeters.  We are listening to k.d. lang, and she continues to stretch.

I start thinking about earlier today.  We were driving home after a few errands, and ksst had a real 'I NEED to be beaten' look about her (again).  The problem was that it was 2:45, and I would have to pick the kids up from school at 3:35.  Five more minutes home, and 12 minutes to the school, left only 38 minutes alone, which was not nearly long enough for a beating and fucking. 

 So I asked her, "Do you want a short, intense beating with no fucking and me running off and leaving you gasping in a puddle on the floor, or do you want to wait until after the kids go to sleep?"

"I don't know, Master."

"Because we will not have enough time for everything, and I'll have to run off.  Will you be OK?"

"I don't know, Master."

"Do you want to be beaten or not, slave?"

"Whatever you want, Master."

"Fine.  I'm going to beat you, but not fuck you.  You can deal with the after.  Any questions?" I asked her, finally annoyed at this exchange.

"Can I use the Hitachi after?"

At this, we both started laughing at the incongruity of it all, the calm discussion of a beating and sex and vibrators, and I pulled in the driveway past the gate and the fine trimmed lawn.  Running up stairs, I began yanking down ksst's skirt, and she began pulling off her shirt, so by the time we were at the implement drawer, she was naked except for her panties, which I pulled off and stuffed in her mouth.  Then the beating commenced with a three foot section of grape vine, thicker than my thumb, but knobbly and springy.  Soft, then hard, then soft, then harder, on the buttocks, thighs, and shoulder.  Finally, I pushed the the vine between her legs, and partially lifting her off the ground, ordered her to come.  As she finished gasping and thrashing, I began beating her with a variety of belts and straps, leaving welts on her back and ass.  

The time was 2: 57.

Next came Uma, the new paddle.  First I beat ksst's breasts, whacking carefully so the nipple poked through the eye or nose holes.  The nipple that sticks up gets beaten down I always say, paraphrasing an old  Japanese aphorism, but hard nipples never stay beaten down, so I switched to her ass.  Whack slow, then fast, soft, then hard, I thought to myself.  I pushed ksst's legs apart, and smartly smacked her cunt, eliciting a squeal and a squish of fluid.  I made  her kiss Uma, then set Uma's handle in ksst's cunt and began beating her with Kris, the curvy paddle (so named because it reminds me of the wavey bladed Melanesian Kris).  I beat her harder, and faster until ksst's ass was red and bruised, then forced her to her knees and beat her with yet another paddle while she sucked my cock.  

The time was 3:09 when I pushed her head to the floor, and raped her cunt from behind, gripping her thighs hard and ordering a second orgasm.  She screamed and bucked for minutes, and it was now 3:12.  

I dragged her to the bed, ordered her to clean my cock with her mouth, and was out the door by 3:20.  I made the school 12 minutes flat, and looking at me, no one would have guessed that we'd just had 38 minutes of intense, mind blowing sex. 


  1. Love hearing his point if view! We talk about wishing we could be more open with the lifestyle we have chosen, but the fact that no one is the wiser makes it so much hotter. Sounds like you two had a great afternoon together.


  2. Thank you both for sharing your perspectives on a really hot and intense session.


  3. It's amazing what can be accomplished in 38 minutes...the depth of feelings, the intensity of orgasms, the renewal of roles. This was fabulous to have two posts about the same scene from both of your POVs.


  4. The part that amazed me was that he could be doing all that and still watching the clock. I was off in my own little time-free world. :)

  5. however you have just admitted rape, which is a criminal offence - a charge can be brought against you despite your 'willing slave'


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