Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to Myself

Well, there was a simple explanation.  PMS.   Tuesday, Wednesday, probably Monday as well, I just really felt odd, scatter brained, on edge, mostly confused and slightly frantic.

Now, I'm back to myself. 

But, anyway, enough about that not very interesting story of me and my hormones.

This is Thursday, and there were to be more adventures afoot for us.   It started bright and early with the plumber.   

No, nothing like that, perverts!

We had a cracked pipe to the septic tank, which was a big job, but not as bad as if we had needed a whole new septic system (think $10,000-20,000 - Eeep! ).

So, I spent a lovely morning mopping and bleaching the basement from last nights fall out.   

He (the plumber) promised to be out of there and done by 11:00 and amazingly enough, he was finished by 10:30.   

I showered and went upstairs to get ready for our date with Mystique.  Master said he preferred that I wear not much or nothing at all.  

So I put on my collar and wrist cuffs, then started going through my underwear drawer looking for a bra that could be turned into a tack bra.
Like this one-

Going through the drawer led to me pulling everything out and sorting it all.   I did find some inserts that would be just the thing, and I don't have to sacrifice a bra.   I couldn't find the one I was looking for anyway.  Bras don't just suddenly leave home, do they?

So, anywho, I'm sitting there on the floor, making the tack bra inserts, and I hear a car pull up the driveway.   The dogs bark.  

I almost ran down stairs right then to greet Myst, but just in time I heard an unfamiliar voice.   I stayed upstairs and out of sight, just quietly making my torture clothing.  Nekkid.  

Master went out to see who it was.  

Well, because I neglected to fill out and return the half dozen USDA livestock surveys that the government had mailed me (with increasingly dire threatening warnings on them), they had sent this really nice USDA lady out to get answers from us to questions like "How much acreage do you have in corn?"  "Soybeans?"  Do you plan to own in any cattle in the next year?"

Answers:  None, None, and probably not.  

She also tried to get Master to rat out all the neighbors and tell her what livestock they had.  He said she would have to ask them.   He  gave her guestimates on how many chickens we have, as well as ducks and sheep.   We have 1 chicken and 4 ducks, currently.  Twenty two sheep. 

I'm just listening to all this through the open bedroom window, and making my tack bra.   

As to the reasons I didn't send back the survey?

I'm debating among three of them:

1.  It is really, really boring to fill out.
2.  The USDA lady was really nice last time she was here and I wanted to see her again.
3.  It is none of the governments G_D_ business how many chickens I have.  

Number three sounds the best, huh?   But it was probably number one.   Maybe a little of each.   

-----To Be Continued----


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  1. I agree. Number 3 sounds best, but not the best choice.


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