Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scattered Tuesday

Today I have been totally scatter brained.   Kind of like yesterday afternoon, actually.  I'm blaming it on trying to think too many thoughts at once.   

I started laundry, then went to yoga (actually it is Body Flow- a combination of yoga, tai chi, and something else, I forget) class.  Afterward I met Myst at the stationary bike section and we biked for what seemed like a long time but was probably only 20 minutes.  I lost track of time, because the clock on the bike started over, but by the end I was feeling fairly sick.  Then we went to McDonalds.  Nothing like following up a workout with some crap food, huh?   But I don't think their snack wraps are all that bad, and I didn't get fries or anything.   

Then I headed to school where the older kid is having a track meet.  I didn't get to see him do anything, but I watched the other kids run around in the rain for a bit.  Most of his events are tomorrow, so of course I have a full day planned and am not sure how I'm going to get over there unless some of my stuff gets cancelled.  Tonight I plan to ask Master how he wants me to prioritize a bunch of other stuff vs. seeing the kid's track meet.   

After that I had a whole long list of phone calls on the To-Do list Master left me this morning.  I got that done, took the laundry out, made the bed up again, and rewarded myself with a chocolate, cup of coffee, and some playing on the computer.  

I still feel scatter brained.  Maybe I need a nap.   Or more chocolate.  I don't know. 



  1. Scatterbrain is my middle name lately!

    <3 DB's Girl

  2. Maybe your just feeling run down? perhaps a bug coming on...i tend to find that when im feeling scatterbrained or tired its a sign im not feeling too good...that or im just getting old...as my kids tell me lol



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