Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just An Ordinary Friday Night

I'm on the couch, cuddled up to Master; he slides his hand under my shirt and fondles me.  I snuggle in closer.  He starts pinching and I moan.  He pinches harder. And harder. Pain is making me wet and needy.  I begin to whimper.  Then he lets up.  

I ask if I can take my jeans off, to get comfy, ya know ;). 

He says no.  We sit together for a while, then his hand slips between my legs, and he begins spanking.   Slowly, then faster and harder.  He tells me to take the pants off.  More spanking, until my cunt is swollen and stinging.  He tells me to cum, and I do, hard.

I slide to the floor in front of him and suck his cock eagerly when he indicates that is what he wants.   It is a look and gesture rather than anything verbal. 

Master tells me to finish up what I have to do before bed and then get upstairs.  I rise from the couch, pull my jeans up, but before I get two steps away he is behind me, locks his hand on the back of my neck and pushes me down hard over the arm of the chair.  He jerks my pants down and thrusts into my sore pussy, still sore on the inside from Thursday, and now on the outside as well.   I yelp.  He fucks me for just a few minutes, and then on shaky legs I have to finish up what I need to do.

Upstairs, I spend a few minutes folding the rest of the clothes.  I do some stretching, get undressed, switch my day collar for the night one and kneel on the floor.   A short time later, Master comes in and tells me to get into bed.  As I walk away from him he swats me so hard on the butt that I stumble and gasp.   I still have no real expectations at this point because he as just as likely to tell me to go straight to sleep as he is to want to continue beating or fucking me.

He pins me down in the bed, taking me quickly, making me cum.  His hands hold my wrists down to the bed; he tells me that I'm nothing but holes for his pleasure, and describes how he will lend me out so other men can use me also.   I am his whore, his cunt, his slave.  I embrace him, and all that, with crazed eagerness. 

Master tells me to ride him, I do, giving us both all the pleasures I can in a wild ride.  He tells me to take his cock in my mouth.  I do, and as he cums I do as well.    He's smiling as I cuddle up against his shoulder, and I know that I'm his good slave.   


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  2. MMmmmmmm...this is a WONDERFUL snippet. I love that you include what you had to get vanilla and his erotic kinky words of objectification. Awesome!!



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