Saturday, May 11, 2013

Owner's Tattoo

I have never had a tattoo before.   Now I do.   Master appreciates them on other people, but he'd never been enthusiastic about me getting one.  He didn't actually forbid it, but he wasn't exactly jumping for joy either over my idea of getting one.   So I didn't.  I really didn't want to do something he wouldn't like.

Then, a couple days ago he called me over and said "I want you to get that tattoo as your Mother's Day present."  He usually gets me a little something for being the mother of his children.  :)    It is an unusual present, but we've never been all that conventional.

I already knew what I wanted, which was his name or initials, as a mark of his ownership and my devotion.   I started looking up fonts, and found a few from which to choose.  He looked them over and told me which ones he liked or didn't like.  He thought the ownership mark was a fine idea, although he says I need a matching brand for my butt that reads "Property of NPH Grade A Prime".  NPH being Neil Patrick Harris, of course.

I am not at all excited about that idea, so unless he orders me to do it, that is not going to happen.   If he orders me, well.... I'm his slave, so I guess I would be branded.  Well, maybe the thought turns me on a little- it would sure be a lot more painful and a lot less permanent than the tattoo.
He told me he didn't particularly want to be with me for the tattoo'ing- I guess he thought he'd be bored- I don't know.   So I asked Mystique to go with me.  She is good friends with the person I was going to have do it- he's done several of her tattoos so she has a lot of confidence in him.   

I was a bit nervous, both about how it would feel and about it not turning out just right.

Have you seen that episode of Friends where Phoebe went to get a tattoo of her deceased mother and ended up with only a tiny dot after she bolted from the needle?  She said afterward the dot was the earth as seen by her mother up in heaven. 
 Yeah, I was afraid that would be me.    Myst told me she has seen me do just fine with a lot more pain that the tattoo would be, so that was reassuring.   Heck, I might even go into subspace, I thought (no I didn't).    It wasn't bad at all.   There was one point when it got annoying and I had the urge to slap it like I would a horsefly, but I didn't.   

So now I am sporting a brand new tattoo of my Master's initials on my back/shoulder.  I'm not posting a picture because of privacy concerns and it being his initials. 

When I saw it in the mirror I couldn't stop grinning.  It was exactly as I had hoped.   Even better, when I showed Master, he couldn't stop grinning.  

All evening he kept having me show it to him.  
  "You are Mine" he said.  "You know how I know?"  

"How, Master?"

"It's tattoo'ed on your back".   Huge grin.    


  1. Oh Happy Mother's Day...Congrats on your tatt!! That is awesome!


  2. Oh, do you have an e-mail address? It's not on your profile. I was going to send you a message offline.

  3. I'm not allowed to give it out, sorry. Are you on Fetlife? My name there is the same as here.

  4. Nice. Happy Mother's Day

  5. What a great gift. i'm delighted for you.


    1. nice present. we are new to this blog thingie, and we started a personal blog a few days ago. If you want check it out at:
      thank you :)

  6. That last part was so sweet. ^.^ It's such a wonderful feeling knowing how it feels to be tattoo'd for your Master. I've had mine for a month now and I still find myself grinning from ear to ear when I see it.


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