Monday, May 13, 2013

"Don't You Forget It"

Collared, wrist cuffed, leashed, I curled up on the couch next to Master.  He finished his tea, then snubbed up the leash tight in his hand.  I leaned in closer, giving to the pressure on my neck and trying to comfortably relax into his space.   We stayed like that through half the movie, then he shifted the pressure down and across, leading me into his lap, face down.  He began a slow steady spanking, with intermittent stroking.  Heat built up in my lower half as it went on.

   When he paused, I tried to sit up, but his fist on the leash kept me firmly down as he reached down to the coffee table for the cane. 
He gave me a few light taps and then a steady hard rain of blows that had me reaching for my deep breathing.   Then WHACK! pause... WHACK! pause....WHACK! pause..., and a few more.  They were hard and deliberately applied.  This had me on the edge of subspace.   My mind started to float away but he pulled me back physically,  up to his side, and kissed me.   I laid my head on his chest, smiling in perfect relaxation to finish watching the movie.

He sent me upstairs with a few more taps from the cane.   I settled in to wait for him.   I was prostrate when he came in the room.  He circled around me, doing things? I'm not sure.   When the first kick landed I was startled, then the second and third.  I readjusted my knees wider so I wouldn't tip over.   This gave him a wide open target and he kicked me in the cunt.  I made a little jump of shock, even though I should have known what to expect, it still shocks me. 

He used the grapevine staff on me, and then sent me to the bed to fuck the daylights out of me.   I told him how wonderful he was and he just said "I know.  Don't you forget it".   

I don't, Master.

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