Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Desires Collide

Labor Day we were up sorta early, having our morning romp.  It was  one of those times when I was really craving MORE.  Not more sex, that part was perfect, but more pain with the sex.  Afterward I asked for a spanking and he said no, it was time for me to make his breakfast.  So of course that is what I did.   We had from scratch biscuits and sausages.

 We worked outside scraping, sanding and painting the barn in the afternoon, then went out to dinner.   Some friends came over in the evening and we talked mostly home repairs but also a little bit about kink.  

Then Master had some work to do on the computer, something that was frustrating and irritating him, so I stayed well clear, so as not to disturb him, doing the laundry, putting kids to bed and cleaning- in general making myself scarce.

Late, late at night he declared it bedtime, told me to get in bed, and told me how irritated and frustrated he was.   I asked if I should wait for him (meaning kneeling on the floor as is routine) but he said no, he'd just be tempted to beat me then.   I looked at the floor, twisting my foot, hands clasped, feeling quite small, and said "I wouldn't mind if you did.  Please, Master?" 

He was already directing me to my spot by the dresser and getting out the cane.   

It. Felt. So. Good.   

When I went to bed and massaged my stinging butt, I could feel the ripples of cane strokes on my flesh.  My inner thighs were soaked.  

Though it was hard to sleep for some reason (someone may have slipped caffeine into my decaf with dinner) I was content.

   Morning came really, really early.  First day of school, racing around to get everyone ready, not even thinking about sex or beatings, and then the kicker:   

Master says "No masturbating today". 

 I hadn't even considered or thought about it once before that, but after he said DON'T all I can think about is how I'm not doing it.   About how my cunt would really love a little pat, or a big orgasm, or two, and it is not happening.   

Of course, that was entirely his purpose.      

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  1. A nice way to prepare for sleep, a good caning. I am happy for you.

    No masturbating. It is amazing how denial of something plays with our heads.



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