Friday, September 27, 2013

All About the Degradation of the slave

 To get the full flavor of this writing, the auditory component is critical.  Please listen if you get the chance:

Down In the River

Oh Death 

Thursday was a play day for all three of us again.  It had been a long time since we had that kind of time together, due to various life reasons for Master and Mystique (not me, my schedule is always clearable). 

It started before she arrived with Master wanting me at his feet.   He told me to get my collar, cuffs and something sexy on.   I picked out a turquoise silk slip, and returned to his feet.   

He said he wanted his toenails trimmed so he could stick them in my cunt without scratching me.  So I got out the clippers and did his nails, which were huge and scary and scratchy.  I really did them well with lots of filing, so that when he had me lie on my back on the floor, legs open, and he his stuck his toes all up in my crotch, it didn't hurt all that much.  Toes are still considerably rougher than fingers. 

This seems more sick and twisted writing about it than it did actually doing it, but whatever.

I mentioned that I needed to go to pee and asked if he wanted me to go outside.  He said only if I were on a leash.   He then snapped one of the leather dog leashes to my collar, not even my own chain leash that the dogs don't use, and led me out into the yard.   We do live in pretty secluded place, with trees all around.  

He pointed to the ground and told me to pee right there.   I squatted awkwardly, instantly feeling the humiliation he desired to see washing over me.   I peed on the ground, and just as I was finishing he kicked me, knocking me off balance, and I partially fell.     He took his turn then, just barely missing me and my silk chemise.  

Mystique arrived a few minutes later, looking lovely as always.   I tried not to bounce with excitement too much.  After I had served her coffee, Master told me to kneel at his feet and tell her what I was hoping for, which gave me an acute attack of embarrassment.

   I told her I hoped she had brought her cock (strap on). And then Master pushed me for more, and made me describe exactly what I hoped to have done to me with that item.    I squirmed and blushed, kneeling there on the floor, but finally managed to get it out.  I'm so much more easily embarrassed in person than I am behind the safety of the computer screen.

He then ordered me to go change into the corset and the crinoline I had worn to our wedding.  They fit again- I have lost some weight- maybe not as nicely as they did back when I was 21, but I was pleased that I could get into the corset at all.   

Then he took pictures. 

To me the collar and cuffs make an odd contrast to the old fashioned look, but oh well, I just do as I am told. 

We had some bluegrass/gospel music playing, so that set a certain mood.

 Little House on the Prairie meets Deliverance, I'd say.

There was amazing fucking and sucking, and both at once, and swapping holes between my mouth and cunt for both of them.   I was primarily bent over the arm of the couch.  Mystique beat my feet, which she made me turn soles up and hold that way, while at the same time Master fucked me.   He also wanted to try a little flogging from her, but though he said it was ok, and it was just soft and not anything painful, he said it really didn't excite him.   I just think it is interesting that he wanted to try it.

I tried to convince him, in a moment of painful enthusiasm (insanity) that he really should let her try the cane.  Especially on his inner thighs. That is when it really gets good, I said.  He declined.       

For me, the softness is just ok also, but as it got harder, and on my tender feet, and then Master switched to my mouth, and she went at me harder, sometimes hitting me right between the cheeks and on my cunt, well, when it really starts to hurt is when it gets exciting.  She used the whip on me, and shortly had me begging to come, but I was told no, I had to wait.  There is something about a whip.  The more it stung me all over, over my ass, between my legs,  my back, the more desperate I got for an orgasm.  Still just no, though.  Just wait, slave, I was told. 

They both took turns using some kind of slapper on me (leather maybe? I didn't see it), which hurt and left me with pretty bruises.   Also there was quite a bit of punching.

I couldn't see what was going on, having my head in a couch cushion most of the time,  and a few times I got scared and tried to fight, when Master would say things like "Oh no, this is going to be bad" in that tone he has, meaning bad for me but fun for him.  

I especially got scared of the fire when I heard the click of the lighter, imagining my whole crinoline going up in flames.  I should have figured they had it well out of the way of the fire, but I couldn't see, I didn't know, and it scared me.  They made me hold still and take it anyway.  And I felt the heat, but I didn't go up in flames.  

Master was telling me various humiliating things throughout this time, and most of them I don't remember.  The ones I do remember I don't want to share.   

Then he told me he was going to fuck my ass, made me beg him for that.  And I did.  He kindly went to get some lube for me.

"Isn't he nice?" I asked Mystique dreamily as she took my cunt again while we waited for him to return.  

She went and got the camera, and as he entered my ass she pulled my head up by the hair to get some shots of my pained expressions. 

I don't think anyone needs to see that though.  

It only hurt just at the beginning this time- the couch arm being the perfect position for me to take it up the duff.   

Meanwhile Mystique had that clampy clothespin thing, which she uses to pin her jewelry while she makes it.  She had earlier clamped it to my cunt lips for a while, and Master rhapsodized about how he'd like to sew those lips shut sometime.  

Just for a day or so.  

Just to see. 

Eeek, is what I say.

 She put it on my nipple, which hurt when it was smacked, then she told me to stick out my tongue.  I obeyed, and she clamped it there.   Within a few seconds I was ready to give up the keys to the kingdom, or whatever I was being tortured for.  Damn that hurt!   I drooled.  When asked questions I mumbled around the clothespin and drooled some more.  Tears were starting to form when she removed it.  

 Meanwhile, Master thrust in and out of my butt, faster then slower, a feeling so powerful, so painful, both of them humiliating me at the same time.  I finally cried, but he kept on going, for a long time, before he stopped and told me to lie on the floor so he could spray cum on me.  I find this super hot and kind of degrading, especially the wanton feelings it evokes, of how badly I want so see him cum, lying there all exposed, mouth open to perhaps catch some on my tongue.  It makes me feel like a total dirty slut.  And I love it.  



  1. Wow. Love the two on one action. Also, the degradation is very Hot.

    'Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks joey! I added some music. For atmosphere.

  3. One of the comments was, "How are you going to be kaya's but double and take Scott's cock in your ass if you cry so much about mine?"

    1. Yes, Master, that was one of them that I do remember. (hiding my head now)

  4. Hallöchen,
    da ich aus Sachsen-Anhalt bin, wollte ich nur mal liebe Grüße hinterlassen und wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite.


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