Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Good Morning for Buttsex

My head bobbed on his cock, all the way down, all the way up, a few tongue licks, then swirls, then down again.  


The smooth cupped paddle found my ass.  He had turned me at the just the right angle so he could hit me as I sucked.  


I moaned and tried to match his beating rhythm with my head bobbing.   

More whaps on the backs of my thighs and ass.  Up high, down low, then over and over in the same spot, harder and harder to bear until I began to sob.

"Are you crying?"  

"Mmhm" I mumbled around his dick.

WHAP! WHAP! and so on until my butt was thoroughly bruised.

He pulled me over on top of him; he stuck his finger in my pussy and told me to cum.  I squirted all over his t shirt, soaking it, soaking everything.   I know he loves that, although he tells me how much of a mess I have made.

He told me to pass him the lube from his bedside table.   He slipped his lubed finger into my ass, and ohhh, it is hurty but still amazing.  He pumped it in and out, making me come over and over again until my legs were trembling.  Then he had me go get the magic wand.  I walked unsteadily as I went to fetch it from the drawer.  Again, his finger delved into my ass, this time with a furious amount of vibration on my clit.  I came without his command,  squirting all over him.  Then he kept me coming, one orgasm after the other, maybe 5 more times, until he told me to turn off the vibrator.   Limp like a ragdoll, I was pulled into his desired position.

While he fucked me he told me I had a choice (he even said he does this just because he knows how I hate having to make the choice).

Did I want buttsex or to finish him with my mouth?  It was no real difficult contest, I chose the buttsex.  I knew it would hurt.  That's why I like it, hmmmm?  Hey, don't ask me to make sense.

He told me to get in position, then as he entered I started to squeak.  He told me to bite the pillow.  I did, I bit the fuck out that pillow.   It was so hard, staying still, not fighting him, trying to breathe in and out calmly, my face full of pillow.   It always hurts so much for the first few minutes, but then like a miracle, the muscles ease up and I'm bucking back into him, feeling utterly destroyed, taken, used, but totally wanton and loving it. 

I may be a slave, a slut and a wanton whore, 
but he has a poopdick :).  


  1. Love that! i would so get slapped....but concur with this all!
    i may be a slave, a slut and a wanton whore, but Master has a poopdick :-)
    Love the pleasure and the will enjoy the writing of 'Our Union' from the night i was collared on Friday.....poopdick included ....haha

  2. He won't be upset about that- he's the one who said it first :).


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