Monday, September 30, 2013

My Day

Today is my Master's last day at his job.  After that he has some offers to consider and one more interview, I think, and he will be making the decision soon, then I will know where I'm going.

His day seems to be going well, I just talked to him, so I thought I'd write about my tasks for the day.

In addition to my normal cooking, cleaning, laundry and animal and child care he gave me a list of tasks for today.  It reads:

-10:00 be home for the furnace maintenance person to come.  This meant I had to have all the dogs out and then put away before then.  Not so hard, but when they didn't show up until 10:40 I was slightly miffed, especially as I was meeting Mystique to go for our walk at 11:30, and I still had to let the dogs out once more before that.   (Note: this is the long explanatory version, my list really just said "furnace 10:00".)

 - Take the board in the car to the hardware store and get a new one just like it.  It ended up being a standard 2 x 6 x 8 footer.

- Air out the tent

-Outside painting

-Call the car shop to make a repair appointment for his car

-Clean window sill and screen frame of the window that is getting replaced

I have not done any outside painting yet, the laundry is not done, the dog poo hasn't been picked up and I really should vacuum upstairs and clean his bathroom...but I did that other stuff and crossed it off my list. 

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