Wednesday, September 4, 2013

At the Hardware Store

Master said I could buy materials and make him this:  

How To Make a bullwhip 

 So I took my list down to Frank's local hardware store,  and asked the nice young man to help me find everything.  After we had collected most of the stuff in the cart, another worker stopped, looked and said "You must be making something".  

I said "Yes." and didn't elaborate.   My brain was working furiously: what am I making? what am I making--- something that is not a whip!!?   

But it didn't come up with anything.  Bad brain! No biscuit!  
So I just hope he'll take the hint and leave.

Nope, no luck.  "So, what are you making?" he asks.  Damn friendly people.

"A whip." I say.

"A whip?" he says.

"Yes, a whip."  I say, grinning.

"Ohhhhhhhh".  And he wanders off.  Meanwhile both the young man who was helping me and I have turned bright red.   We finish up the list without looking at each other, and I pay and scoot out of there, trying to pretend that of course a whip is something everyone needs.  You never know when those sled dogs are going to get out of line, eh?   


  1. Ha, that's great ^_^ We've had some similar things happen at the hardware store, too...

    Thanks for that video! I'll have to show it to Master--I bet He'd find it interesting.

  2. I have several friends that have made these and they crack wonderfully!

  3. One of my Domme fiends is having a bull whip making class.

    Arts and crafts for kinksters.

    Terrific story. LOL.


  4. You will have to let us know how you get on with it.

    Bravo to you though, i would be crap at making one, Master takes the easy and lazier option lol of buying them.


  5. Yeah, but materials for this one were $25 and the cheapest ones I have seen, in paracord, were $100 and up. Of course, the ones I have a deep lust after are the kangaroo leather ones.

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I can't believe you actually said are a brave woman. What did your Master say when you told him about it?


    1. Actually, I'm not brave at all. I'm just a terrible, terrible bs'er. I can't hardly lie to save my life. I'm not sure if I told the story here, but one time he left a bruise on my lip when I had to go into work. He wanted me to make something up about how it got there, besides "Oh, you know, rough sex". So he came up with a thing about a tree branch hitting me as we were working outside. But every time I tried to say it I'd blush, giggle and look horribly guilty. He made me practice saying it with a straight face all the way to work.

      Then nobody at all asked me why I had a bruised lip.

  7. OH! That's awesome! I went into the local tack store and bought a crop. The cashier looked at me and said "Looks like someone needs to be kept in line." I looked at her at her and said "Oh...yes." And then turned and left much the same as you did. lol! What is it with these small town people being so conversational?!


  8. He said it was pretty funny. He wants me to go back in the store with the finished whip, wearing all black leather, and ask to see that same guy again.

    I said I didn't have any black leather skirts or pants. (Good excuse, right?)
    He said what about that one leather skirt?
    My suede skirt?? It's brown!
    He says "I have a magic marker".
    RED! Totally RED on that one! Coloring on my skirt is just too much.

    Actually, he's just joking around. He's not really going to make me go back there with the whip. I do have to pick up some repaired screens eventually though.


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