Monday, September 9, 2013

Going up Nort!

So, my exciting news is that next weekend we are going to visit Scott and kaya:


We have a sitter for the weekend for the kids, and are going to go and have fun and do horrible kinky stuff!  I mean fun kinky stuff!  And make biscuits! 

But today, I have to clean house and go buy some supplies at the hardware store.  Who knows what "spline" is without looking it up?    


  1. YEA!!!! HAVE FUN and party hard to help deal with all of the stress!!!

    Nope, what's spline at a hardware store?? (I know what it is with regard to Math)


  2. When you are fixing screen windows, spline is the little cord that goes around the edge to hold the screen in place. I learned something new this week. Also, old used spline makes a nice whippy thing. I tried it on my leg, but am eagerly waiting for him to try it on me also.

  3. Hehehe, I've re-screened both doors and windows - who knew that's what the rubber gasketing is called?? Hmmm - sounds like real possibility.


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