Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Moment

It only takes a moment. 

 This morning as I went about my routines of straightening up the kitchen and getting ready to sweep the floor, Master called me over to the kitchen table where he was using the computer.   The kids had left for school; we were alone.  

"Come here, slave".  He beckoned, and held me close.  He asked me what was wrong, why I looked so sad.   He already knew what it was and I agreed with him.   I'm afraid of the uncertainty. 

 Then he told me to get naked and lie on the floor, show him my cunt.   I did this and he admired the way it was already swollen, open and wet.  Then he had me get up and stand beside him so he could fondle and spank me as he worked.   I enjoyed being his distraction, his plaything.  He made me cum until juices were running down my thighs into my house slippers.   Yeah, I wear house slippers, not high heels, around the house, what do you think this is, fantasy land? 

He stood and made me kneel.  He pressed my face into his crotch so I could feel him hard against my cheek through his pants.   Then it was time for him to leave for work, but I was thankful for this moment of connection with him. 


  1. Terrific. Love the connection between the two of you.

    I liked your comment about the house slippers. So true.


    PS Sending you positive thoughts while you deal with the changes in your life.

  2. Besides, high heels are hell on the hardwood floors.


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