Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thursday Play

A picture of the hard strap. Master was comparing the marks to the item that made them.   This is my least favorite toy, except perhaps for the radio antenna that is rarely, rarely used.    He snaps the strap on me like a wet towel rather than just bringing it straight down for a slap.   However, by the time he used it on me on Thursday I was so spaced out it merely felt a little stingy.  I might have said "ow" a couple times.  

The morning started with Master going to PT for his shoulder.  He got both needles and e-stim!   But said it wasn't all that bad.  Mostly.  I think at one point he considered trying a safe word on the therapist.  

He came home in the mood to seriously fuck me! Yay!  

We started with sex/hitachi/multiple orgasms for me.  Then moved downstairs so he could watch porn and have me suck him off.  I normally make it last a good long time, for maximum pleasure, so when he said "If you can make me cum before this ends (a minute or two from the end of the segment, I think) I'll give you a special reward",   I think he was surprised that I did it, especially when he was trying to hold back.  

It's not like I've never done it before.  Master. Sir.  

My "special reward" was getting tied to the rafters and flogged, then whipped, beat with the leather paddle and lastly the hard strap.  He untied me and helped to the bed, where he caned me until my blisters had blisters.   You can't see them much in the picture there, but I could definitely feel them.   It was painful, agonizing bliss.

Afterward he asked me "How long do you think I spent just on the caning?"  I thought it felt like 10 minutes, but I knew I always lose some time, so I doubled it and guessed 20 minutes.  

"Nope.  Forty minutes", he said.

Tempus fugit.

We snuggled for a while, until I was able to think and walk again, then had a shower together.   In there he motioned to me to kneel down, he took me by the hair, tilted my head back, and pissed on my breasts.   Warm, smelly piss.  But his piss.   I'm his.  When I don't know anything else, I know that. 


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