Sunday, September 29, 2013

Uma (Creepy Stalker Paddle) Likes Me!

Yesterday Master said my ass had yet another date with Uma, the smiley paddle.  But this time she would just be having fun with me, no punishment.   I would be taking a lot more smacks, and a lot harder, than the night before, but it would be FUN.  

 That is what he said. 

It is an entirely different thing for both of us, a paddling vs. a punishment, because of the tone, the emotions, and all the little touches, the warm up, the orgasms, everything Master does along with the paddling which brings up my ability to take more from him and enjoy it.  


This toy has been given a "personality" by the creepy, evil side of my Master.  And I mean that in the sweetest and most loving way possible, because, um, I like my ass in one piece, thank you.  

She talks.  
She whispers. 
She threatens.  
She laughs and cackles evilly.   

Master denies hearing anything from her.  Can you say gaslighting? 
It really is quite creepy.  

But after last night I think she is getting to like me, mostly because I am so fun to beat on, I guess. 

When Master came upstairs, I was kneeling prone on the floor, head down, arms stretched out above my head.  

"That is what I like", he commented, as he walked around behind me.  I heard him pick up something from the toy drawer, then he stuck his foot roughly between my legs to lift my butt higher.  

Whap. Whap.  Whap.  The paddle landed on my butt, over and over, until I really wanted to come.   I begged for the orgasm, and he said yes, whereupon I curled up and fell over on my side.  He cut it short, pulling me back into position and telling me curtly I didn't have permission to flop down on my side.  

More paddling, then he laid me down flat on the floor and kept after my poor sore butt and thighs.  There was stroking also, and orgasms, and lots of pain.  It was all so delicious.   Then he had me spread my legs, and telling me I really ought to have more sympathy for kaya's predicament, he clipped a bunch of clothespins to my cunt lips, then played with them.  He paddled me some more, making the pins bounce in a painfully hot way.   

He took a Wartenburg wheel to my cunt.   
Yeowch.  That hurt quite a bit.   

He began poking about in my pussy with something not quite as sharp as the wheel, but still not comfortable.  I still don't know what it was.  I didn't dare ask because I was afraid to find out at the time.   But it went in my cunt and it didn't feel good, being all hard and edgy.  It might have been a clothespin.  

He removed the clothespins, sending more pain down there with the release.   There was a lot more paddling.  And he wrote a song on my butt.  I can't read it there, but if I get him to read it to me it goes like this: 

Sprinkle, sprinkle little twat
This is making you so hot.
Down between your loamy thighs,
You will get a big surprise.
Sprinkle, sprinkle little twat,
When I give you a big swat.

He sang me the song repeatedly, paddling the whole time, then giving me a swat between the legs with the paddle at the appropriate time.  

Sometimes he used the other end of the paddle, which has a leather string attached, so it was more whippy feeling, along with the smack of the paddle handle.

The whole time, I'm getting the feeling that "Uma" is having a grand old time beating me, and may be getting to like me just a little bit.  

Finally when my whole ass felt like one big bruise, he put aside the paddle and clothespins and just fucked me roughly from behind on the floor.  

I only woke up once last night, but I woke up in pain, moaning and crying.   I woke Master with this noise (not meaning to) and he asked what was wrong.  "Just really sore, Master."  

I might have dreamed that last bit.    
At least there were no creepy voices in the night.



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