Friday, September 20, 2013

Perfect Submission

There have been a few posts here and there recently about what perfect submission looks like.  I know, I know, none of the real people I know have this elusive thing called perfect submission all the time.  The realists don't even aspire to have it.   

I'm not a believer in perfection, really, for anything.   

But every now and then I think of what perfect submission would look like to me.  Even more rarely, I feel that I have achieved it for a brief moment. 

Here is a moment from my morning.   

I woke up horny.  It was 5 am, and all I could think about was wanting him.  I lay next to him for an hour since I'm not allowed to wake him up.   When the alarm went off I reached over and snuggled up to his back.  
In a minute or so he told me to get up and make his breakfast, since he wanted another half an hour of sleep.   

"Yes, Master".   There was no begging, no pouting, no moan of wishing and wanting.  All those things flashed through my head in an instant, but the next second the only thing I wished for was for him to have that extra sleep, and to get things ready for him.  

I got up and made breakfast, got the older kid off to school and everything was ready when Master came downstairs.   

That's as close as it gets for me.  


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect moment to me. I can so relate to the feeling where you're just horny. Desperate with need. And to put it all aside, without complaint or attitude takes a whole hell of a lot of submission.


    1. It also helps that I know the waiting is "just for now". That in 12 hours, or 24 hours, he'll be fucking me senseless again. :) :) Twice in fact. Last night and this morning. :)

  2. It's impressive to see thoughtful submission.

    1. Thank you, that is a kind thing to say. I would be tempted to say "I try", but according to two Masters (mine and Yoda), there is not try, only do or do not.


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