Sunday, September 29, 2013

Master's Earn-A-Rope Program

Master beckoned me to follow him upstairs.  Once in our room he told me to lie on the bed and spread my legs.  With little preamble he took me, thrusting in hard and telling me to come immediately.  

He pulled my legs up in the air to rest on his shoulders and thrust in so deep he was hitting the bottom of my insides.  This hurt me and I moaned and whimpered.  

"Does that hurt, slave?" 

"Yes, Master".

"It feels good to me, so suffer". 

"Yes, Master".

It hurt, but it was a good, deep, satisfying, intensely erotic kind of pain.  

 I said I might try to get away from him, and maybe he should tie me up.  I really like to be tied up. 

He said no.

Then he said we'd play a little game.  

His conditions:

If I got away from him, as far as the bedroom door, I could have some rope on me.  I do love rope, and it seems like I never get enough of it.   This prize seemed way out of reach, as I started the game pinned under his full weight on the bed.  

If I didn't get away from him, then he'd win, and no rope for me.  

Either way, he'd do whatever he wanted with me; that is just the ground rules.

He gave me a "3,2,1, go" count down and I started to struggle.  At first it seemed completely hopeless. I could barely budge.  He had both my wrists easily held in his one hand.  He used the other hand to jab the pressure point on my inner thigh- that fucking hurts! and it makes my legs spring apart.   Such a handy thing for him, isn't it?  

I kept squirming, and every time I'd make some progress he'd push in another pressure point or twist a nipple to immobilize me.   I tried to get a hold of the hand pressure point on him, but was totally missing it.

"You should at least learn to hit the right spot with that- do you want me to show you?"  he asked helpfully.

My self  preservation instinct kicked in and I said, "No Master, I don't want to hurt you".   

But he showed me the spot again anyway, my pressing it hard on my own hand.  Fuck.  Ouch. 

I squirmed more and managed to slide out from under him on to the floor.  He came down right on top of me, still pinning me under him. He had a hold on my wrist.  I tried using my hand to lever his thumb back, the way they taught us in self defense class.   I couldn't even budge it.  I tried to bring his hand close enough to my mouth to bite, but he wasn't falling for that trick (again) and kept it well away.  

Then he turned me over and had me completely pinned again.  He stuck his finger in my pussy and I lay helpless as he then stuck it in my ass.   How humiliating, to be held immobile and then stuck in the butt with a finger just to show how helpless I really was. 

He must have released his grip after that, because I continued to squiggle until I got away, and bounced across the room to touch the door.   

Immediately I returned to him and knelt at his feet.  (Is it possible to gloat while on your knees? Yes, yes it is).   

 He told me to fetch him a rope.  I did.   He wrapped a quick chest harness and tied my hands behind my back.   

He pushed me to my knees again, my face on the floor, backside up in the air, and he took me, using the harness as a handle to fuck me.

It was painful again, way down deep inside, and I got rug burn on my face and knees, but it was totally worth it.  So. Fucking. Good. 



  1. Terrific. Very hot. I love rope on bare skin. And, the marks it makes.


  2. Lol must admit i laughed. Sound like you and Master had fun! Lotta love there.


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