Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Demo by Scott

Saturday night we had an awesome time!  There is so much to write and it is so hard to know which details to take out or leave in.

Kaya said after being gagged with Scott's fingers ("Imagine this is a cock") and choked nearly out the rest of their scene was a blank.  To fill in that blank- 

First he had her on her knees in the center of the garage.  There was a little crowd gathered at one side to watch.  Some watchers had taken up more comfy spots on the dog beds (these were the dogs' actual beds).  

He undid her handcuffs and explained the signal she had given for "These are hurting in a bad way" which I certainly missed, as it was subtle, but they have an intricate and beautiful dance of communication which is fascinating.  He explained that it was still up to him if he wanted to be a bastard and leave them on a bit longer, but he chose to take them off for her.   

Scott put on vampire gloves and ran his hands up and down her body.  It looked tender and soothing, but vampire gloves have spikes, sharp spikes, sticking out.  I'm not sure how painful/ scratchy that was.  I know from experience it depends on how much pressure is applied if it feels like a nice back scratch or a lot of sharp owie things running over your skin.  But when he started spanking her there was immediately blood in pinpricks all over her butt.   There was little doubt how that felt.

That didn't last long, before he went and got the so-called "attitude adjuster" paddle and spanked her with that.  There was more blood smeared around everywhere. 

He also used a single tail on her, either before or after the vampire gloves (my dang fuzzy brain).  It was after the handcuffs were off.

During the whole breath play demo (I call it a demo because the whole time Scott was talking to the audience about what he was doing and why he was doing it, and what signal kaya gave to let him know- "Hey, I'm panicking here!") my Master was standing behind me, alternating between squeezing me by the base of my jaw, which is the safer way to do a choke-like hold, wrapping his arm around my neck in a sleeper hold, or just pinching off my nose and mouth with one hand.   This makes my eyes fade out, so I didn't really see all of everything.  I was mainly thinking about not being able to breathe, and how wet that made me.    

Oh, and my take-away message from this demo?   The way to solve the problem of gagging while deep throating is to declare it not a problem but a bonus feature and simply gag all over the place.  Good to know I'm doing it right! 

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