Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Funishment

"Get on the bed, it is time for your paddling".  

It was late at night and to tell the truth I thought he might be too sleepy.   But he wasn't.

"You know I'm not really upset about what you said, don't you slavegirl?"

"Yes, Master, you thought it was funny too, right?"

"Yes, I did, but I still want to spank you". 

"Yes, Master".  I was on the bed, lying on my stomach, fingers gripping the sheets in nervous anticipation.

He started out gently, warming me up.  

It was almost relaxing - tap, tap, tap.  


I began breathing faster and harder.   

A series of hard blows that left me gasping and whimpering.  Almost sobbing, but not quite.  Deep breaths to calm myself and diffuse the sting.

"What was it you said to me, slave?"

"Master, I said 'You bargained me out of 10 minutes' ".


That was really painful.

"Don't I have the right to bargain for you?"

"Yes, Master, of course".

"And what did you say to me?"

I repeated the offending words back to him.


I sobbed a tiny sob. 

He made me repeat it several more times, each time landing a solid blow on me with the paddle.

When I was whimpering more or less constantly he laid it aside and rubbed my sore ass for a minute before starting back again. 

The spanking went on for a long time, but none were as painful as those.  He spanked my pussy with the paddle too, making it sore but not bruised.  He also did the soles of my feet.   Then he fucked my sore cunt and made me come many times.   

And so goes the funishment at Master's house.  

Both my ass and cunt were still sore when he fucked me again this morning.  

Mmmm, such a life.  :) 

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