Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Double or Nothing

Master had an interview yesterday, but got home hours before the kids.  
I put on the silk with the broken strap.   It was still broken from when he'd torn it and I never remembered to sew it up.   Nevermind, I thought, having one side falling down, thus exposing a breast, is no real detriment in this case.  

I also put my leather collar on when he called to let me know he was on the way home.

Immediately on getting home he put on some porn and had me suck him while kneeling between his legs.  After a while he sent me to fetch the long cutting board with the handle, which is actually a really handy kitchen paddle.  I wiped my smeary, damp face as I crossed the kitchen and found the board. 

He spanked me with it, then briefly took me just to give his cock some flavor.  I went back to sucking as he commanded.  He pulled my head down hard on his cock and made me come.  We went on this way paddling/sucking/fucking/a lot more sucking until he was ready to take me upstairs. 

Once in the bedroom, he shoved me onto the floor on my stomach, and entered me.   He wanted me to fight back.  He told me in a dark voice to say things, to protest against him taking me...

He likes me fighting, he likes forcing me and subduing me, making me helpless.   He doesn't like me to give up too easily, which I tend to do.  Sometimes I need incentive. 

Once he was inside me he told me I had to escape or all I was going to get was a load of cum in my mouth, no beating, no more sex for now.
 Also, I had to do it by the time he counted to one hundred.

"One. Ten. A hundred," He said.   I hadn't even begun to struggle.  I still had one arm pinned under my body and he held the other one behind my back.   Talk about your starting disadvantages.

"You cheated!" I accused.

"No, I counted exponentially" he replied, smirking.

"That IS cheating", I declared.

So he started counting the right way.  You know, where two comes after one.  He now had my nipple pinned between his fingers, making my struggles painful.    I pushed and shoved at him and he grabbed my wrists.   Now my nipple was safe so I was able to buck and squirm enough to partially escape.   I wasn't completely away but it was enough to count.  I'm sure he wanted me to win, because when he really tries, I just can't.  He has too many tricks at his disposal.

He spanked me hard with his hand, then asked what one thing I would want for my prize for escaping.   I briefly considered things like "Trip to Disneyland" or "I have always wanted to see Bora Bora", before deciding that he probably meant something for play right here and now.  

"I can't think of just one thing I want.  I want to do what you want", I said.  I hadn't expected to win a prize.
"Double or nothing then", he ordered.   

"But first, roll on your back."  I did.  He began fucking me and pinned my arms before beginning his counting, non exponentially.   

I escaped again!  Yay me!  I win!  

After spanking me even harder this time, he said I could pick two things that we would do now. 

I asked to be tied up and whipped. 

"And what else?" he inquired.

"Isn't that two things?"

"No, you get one more," he said.  So generous.

I said the first thing that came into my head.

"I want to play rape again, but no triple or nothing". 

He took me again, violent against my struggles, hitting me wherever he could reach.   Once I was finally fucked into submission he lifted me up, stood my on my feet, and tied me into a rope harness, tying my wrist cuffs to my waist in front, rather like a shackled prisoner. Except that the rope between my legs painfully pinched my still sore pussy.

Then he held up two implements and told me to choose which he would start with.  I indicated the crop with my nose.   He deliberately set the crop down and began beating me with the other thing- the strigil.  Your choices don't matter.  But you still have to make them.  

He pushed me to the ground on my knees.  I teetered awkwardly forward.   My head was on the floor because of my hands being fastened to my waist. 

He cropped me in earnest on the backs of my thighs.  
Ow. Ow. Ow.   I think I cried.  Maybe.  Anyway, it really hurt bad.

Master stood me up again.   He got out the whip, the short one. 

"You know, most people would ask NOT to be whipped for their reward,"  he commented.

"Most people don't like whipping, though" was my answer.  I hoped it didn't sound too smart assed.  

And I loved it.  Every last welt-leaving stroke.  He switched from the short whip to the bull whip, that one that I made for him.
 I could feel the streaks growing down the backs of my thighs.  Sometime it would wrap the sides of my waist.  Ohhhh, I wanted to cum badly, but I waited.

More stripes down the backs of my legs. A hard one just at the edge of my butt crack made me yelp and dance.   He stepped forward, held me, and told me to come, which I did.

Then Master untied me and got me on the bed, positioning me between his legs.  He alternated having me suck and fuck, then he let me put the Hitachi on my cunt.   I was sucking him while using the vibrator. 

He pinched my nose shut.  I couldn't breath at all, with his cock filling my mouth, unable or unwilling to back off of it, I'm not sure.

He held me that way for who knows how long, pulling my head down, bobbing my head to pleasure himself in my mouth, my brain pounding with the need for air, my cunt throbbing on the wand with the need for orgasm.  

He let go and gave the order to come all at once.  I completely exploded in ecstacy.  It was blazingly, shatteringly good.   

You know how there have been five great orgasms since 1642 B.C. ... (before then couples hooked thumbs.) And the precise rating of orgasms is a terribly difficult thing, often leading to great controversy...Well, this one left them all behind.

Then he was pulling my head down again on his cock and pinching my nose again.  I don't even know anything after that, but I think there was a lot more of the same.

Eventually he rolled me over on to my stomach and fingered my ass.  He stuck his cock in it, which hurt like fiery devils.  I squirmed away.

"No, no, no Master, no," I begged.  Pointlessly of course.

He held me down, told me to breath deeply, fingered me once more, then fucked my ass until he came. 

I like Mondays.  


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  1. oh wow! if Mondays yield posts like this then I like them too!


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