Sunday, April 20, 2014

Unexpectedly Hard Task

Coming back to bed after his shower, Master woke me with his cock in my mouth.   He came quickly, with none of the usual sensuous enjoyment he likes to take in having me worship his cock.   I swallowed his come and then rolled over, my face buried in the bed while  I struggled to calm my raging horniness.  I was grateful to be used by him, but still...very horny.   If only he'd had more time... . He gave me a quick spanking with a stick, then told me to come downstairs to keep him company while he got ready to leave.   I did so.

He was off to a volunteer event (not kinky stuff) in another town.  I stayed home, but we were going to meet for lunch.  Mystique came over in mid morning to bring some rope she was selling that I would deliver for her later.  We had coffee and played with the dogs (her little Yorkie/Chihuahua who thinks he's a sheep dog is pretty funny.  He absolutely screams with excitement when he sees sheep.  We didn't let him in with them because I'm afraid he'd get hurt). 

About noon I headed out with the kids to meet Master.  We arrived on time, had our lunch then went to the library for a bit.  Master and I sat down in a comfy couch by a large window overlooking the river.   We watched the gulls, pelicans and cormorants swooping around.  I rested my head on his arm and fell asleep.  He said I was only lightly snoring.   It is not the first time I've fallen asleep in a library, but it was the first time sleeping on Master in a library.      

On the way home, I was to drop off the rope at a munch while he took the kids straight home, and he ordered me not to tarry there.

  So I went in and looked for people I recognized.  It was really dark in the bar and coming in from the sunshine made it hard to adjust.   Finally I spotted the group leader in the far corner, took the rope to her and asked her to give it to our friend.   I didn't see him, or I would have taken it to him.   Rope delivered, I said I really couldn't stay and I skedaddled out of there.   

On the way home I felt weird and slightly guilty for not visiting more, not searching out people I knew to say hi, but I reminded myself that Master had said "Don't tarry".  He didn't want me staying for social hour, or the talk on rope bondage, or getting "roped" into doing things.  Heh.   That was the difficult part of the task, adjusting my head on the way home.  Realizing that it didn't really matter about any of my wants or what people may have wanted me to do there.  The only thing that mattered was that I obeyed my Master.  My head adjusted, and I was content. 


  1. The things that are hard for me never seem to be what i would have expected, and probably not what anyone else would consider the hard stuff. It's like they know us, really know us, or something... And it's lucky for us that they do.

    1. Yes, he does know me, and how I like ropes :).

  2. Mistress told me I was not allowed to be spanked at a spanking party. That is the worst punishment I have ever had.

    1. I can relate to that being a bad punishment.

      Master was not punishing me in anyway, he just wanted me to drop the ropes and come home without getting distracted. I'm never allowed to play without him being there anyway.


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