Saturday, April 12, 2014

She's Mine

Friday night we went to Mystique's for Trivia (it is this huge city-wide contest that lasts 24/7 all weekend- it is pretty crazy fun). 

 She has a team of what I would call kink-aware-mostly-vanillas.  That is, she doesn't hide any of what she does from them, but they may not (I don't know) do any of it themselves.   At least a couple of them know that I'm a slave. 

I made a cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate drizzle, which turned out pretty well.  I even took a picture.  :)  


I was sitting at Master's feet when one of the women that I didn't know at Trivia commented, after trying a piece of cheesecake, 

"I don't know this girl, but I love her already".

Master immediately told her, in his serious voice, "She is mine and you can't have her... for less that a thousand dollars."  

(Another long pause where they all stared at him).

"Per night".

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