Saturday, April 26, 2014

Roofer oopsie

This morning after breakfast (hash browns, sausage links, papaya, toast, and of course tea or coffee) I asked Master if I should take a shower, or....?   

The answer was "or".

We had a rollicking good time in bed, with the shades carefully drawn down because the roofers had come to work on the barn. We fucked, and sucked, he smacked me and deprived me of air and I drenched several blankets.  He was lying back and happened to look out the top half of the window.  The little uncovered half circle of light above the window.   You can't see anything of the bed through that part of the window from the ground.  

The barn roof, however, has a clear view of the whole show.    

Since we last looked out, we had sprouted roofers working on that side on the top of the barn.  

They didn't clap or anything, so maybe they weren't looking.  One can hope.



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