Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two Worlds

There is the kink world and there is the vanilla world.   I move between them constantly, living my life as a slave at all times, but not generally acting in ways that evoke comments from people in the general public.

Sometimes the two worlds intersect in weird ways.   

Sometimes it messes with my head.

I was on an errand for Master at the friendly local game store.  Standing at the counter, I was noticed by the store owner, who is a good friend of Master's.   He was helping someone else, but he called out a loud hello across the store.   Then he called out, also loudly, "I still have your cage, you know!  It's in my garage; you can come get it any time".

My first thought:  Oh yeah, I should go get my cage sometime.

My second thought:  OMG, what do all the people here think he's talking about with this "your cage" business???  I wonder if I should loudly clarify that we loaned him an X-Pen for his dog when she was a puppy?

My third thought:  Nahhh, let 'em wonder!

My fourth thought:  I wonder if the friend knows anything and that's why he phrased it that way, with much ambiguity. Maybe Master told him, or dropped hints!  Maybe we left a certain impression last time we all ate dinner together and I asked Master if I could have  more dessert or more wine. 

Final conclusion:  It doesn't really matter, but it is funny to think about.

Oh, and I really should go get that cage sometime. 


  1. LOL that's too funny! I often wonder what people's impressions of our life are. Oh well. They're gonna talk no matter what. Might as well give me something to talk about.


    1. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
      --Oscar Wilde


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