Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It is all about the attitude

Master started with some serious attitude adjustment for me Monday morning.  He wasn't terribly upset by my not offering to get his dinner last night, after all, he had said that he wanted us to eat leftovers, but he wasn't happy with my bad attitude, which was spilling out all over the place.  However, the kids were around and he didn't want to do anything in front of them, and also he figured even slaves can use a break sometimes, which is why he didn't push the issue of serving last night.

For my attitude though, he made me say whether I thought I deserved a punishment or not.  I freaking hate that question.  But yes, I thought I probably did.   I don't know how he does it, but after a few dozen solid whacks, getting shoved up against the wall and pinned there, getting slapped, and a stern talking to, I'm all humble and attitudinally adjusted and begging for his forgiveness.  I guess it is one of those Masterly powers.

That done, my ass good and sore already, we started in on the fun.  He had me fetch down implements and rope. He was very specific:

-riding crop
-Kris (the wavy paddle has a name now)
-curved paddle

I was already wearing my leather collar and cuffs.  Later on he let me bring down the chain leash too, after I asked, and we watched a movie while I was chained at his side.   I just love that feeling...

He tied the ropes around me in a harness configuration and used all the implements until I was good and sore.  He told me he was going to fuck my ass.   Then he made me beg for it.  He made me beg to have my ass fucked and then suck him off after that. 

He put me on my stomach, a pillow under my hips, the vibrating dildo in my pussy and fucked my ass.  It was really intense for both of us- he could feel all the vibrations too- and I was starting to cum without permission, begging for the command so I could let loose, when he started coming too and told me "CUM".    

I'm sore again, but that is nothing new, it is pretty much this way all weekend.  My ass is a constant reminder of our fun.

I'm getting really excited about next weekend too!  We have special guest presenters coming to our munch and they will be staying at our house overnight.  Master and I have been planning out menus for dinner and breakfast. 


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