Friday, April 18, 2014

About Last Night... again...

With all that went on last night, I was needing to be beaten.  That doesn't always mean wanting the beating, but last night I just needed it.  I wanted it to end in tears.   But when it did he was worried about me.  I didn't want to explain that either.  I didn't have an explanation.  No, nothing is wrong.  I just like to cry, want to cry, need to cry sometimes.   It was a good hard caning and paddling, but I could have gone on for hours.  Master wanted to fuck and get some sleep.  It was late.  He fucked me and went to sleep.  I adore being his used fucktoy, even when I would have chosen more beatings for longer if I could. 

 Yes, he knows all this.   I'm his and he doesn't do this only for my pleasure.  For some reason I needed reassurance of this also last night.  Again I blame the damn hormones for my neediness.   He reassured me that he enjoys beating me.   How could he not be enjoying it?  He sings so happily.  :)


  1. (((hugs))) sorry about the glitchy communication issues and the hormones and just yucky life in general!
    I love that he sings while he beats, that's so sweet!

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling much better today- a combination of a nice beating and some sunshine are working magic. One of these days I want to do a "Master's Top 10 Beating Songs" post, but I'll need his help.

  2. It would be interesting to know what he sings. *smiles*


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