Friday, April 11, 2014

A Pinchy Present

Last night Master brought home a present for me!  He told me he had something for me and my first thought was "Oh boy!".  And my second thought was "Will it hurt?"

   After dinner he took me upstairs, and after a bit of quick and hot sex, he started attaching round flat magnets to my lower lips.  Once he got more than two on there they all attract each other and jump together into one big clump (ouch!).

So he just stuck with two of them, clamped to me.   He had me wear them for at least an hour while I took care of dogs and did things around the house.  Moving was interesting.  Sitting was slightly painful but also very rewarding.  Climbing the stairs...was an experience.    I had to ask if I could take them off to go pee, and he said yes.  Then I put them back on, but in a different spot.

He'd really like to get me some piercings, rings through my cunt lips, so I imagined that it would feel a bit like this after the healing was done.  I'm also getting rather excited about getting rings.  I don't know when we'll be able to do it.   

Later on... he gave me a very long and delightful caning/paddling/spanking after he was done fucking me.   I was deep in subspace for a while.   He wanted me to play "Guess what movie this song is from" while he sang and beat in rhythm. 

It gave me the idea of someday having an imitation A Clockwork Orange scene, complete with Singing in the Rain.  If you haven't seen it, it is quite horrifying.  There are probably You Tube clips.   I don't know why this sounds like a good idea now, since the movie about scared me to death for many years after I saw it.  (Master warned me not to see it, saying that I wouldn't like it, but I begged him to take me to a campus showing anyway when we were in college.  I did regret that, I sure did. )
 I played the game for a bit, but then I think I was just mumbling "Don't know" to all the questions.  I asked him afterward if he could tell and he said I was totally "gone" for about 10 minutes, but he just kept on doing what he was doing.  I felt quite floaty until I fell asleep.

Today he told me I had to wear the magnets again while I did things around the house for at least 15 minutes, then I could have an orgasm.   That was most enjoyable, all of it.  I think I wore them for longer, but after 15 minutes I stopped keeping track of the time. 

It is so exciting getting a kinky little task like that.  He hardly ever gives me any that are not just practical work. 


  1. Hmm,,,those magnet things sound interesting, but not sure i am ready to mention them to Master. I love getting unexpected tasks also.
    hugs abby

  2. He does keep you on your toes. I was talking to Sir about the magnets for your nipples. I imagine they are similar. Will you post a pic of the magnets. Sounds...exciting ;-)


    1. Sure, I took some pictures.
      I have tried the magnet nipple clamps also, but we don't own any- only those giant magnets I had in the KOTW post this week which are actually fish tank cleaning magnets. I tried not to think if I was getting algae on my boobs (0.o).

  3. Hmm - the magnets are - intriguing. I guess it is fun getting tasks like that because it's not so everyday - kind of a fun surprise - at least for me that's how it works. I had to walk out of Clockwork Orange - just couldn't watch it - also back in college and have never gone back.

    1. That song freaked me out for the longest time, so that if he'd start singing it I'd yell and protest. Now, though, I find him using during play pretty hot.


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