Monday, April 21, 2014

Songs Master sings while beating my ass

Because it has been requested :

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Raindrops keep falling on my head

2. We all live in a Yellow Submarine

3. The last half of Abbey Road, starting with "Because"

4. Bugs Bunny themes:   Barber of Seville, Kill the Wabbit, etc.

5. Swan Lake

6. 1812 Overture

7.  Dixie Chicks' Landslide

8. Singing in the Rain

9. Under the Sea

There are others, but these are the favorite ones he listed for me.  
One of my favorites is The Little Mermaid theme song, because it makes me laugh.  

Under the Sea 

This was the beating stick choice from last night.  It is a mini blind rod.   I'm trying not to complain about my sore butt. 

Well, maybe just a little complaining.


  1. OUCH!
    i havent been spanked yet, but when i do i hope it is with something thicker...for some reason the thin ones look like they hurt more!


    1. The mini blind thing is considerably more painful than a normal cane, I think because of the edges. If you are new to being spanked, don't start with that. Probably hand spanking is the best way to start, at least it is the nicest to me.

      This toy of his is one that I hate while it is happening, but love the afterward feeling.


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