Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All Sexed Out

It doesn't happen often, but last night as he climbed into bed, pulled down the covers and stroked his hand down my body I wished for just half a second that we were going straight to sleep.   He pushed my thighs apart and fucked me anyway.  I was sore inside and out, but it still felt good.   *whispering- maybe it felt extra good because of the soreness.*   He slapped me and made me come, then he was done enough, all sexed out for the day.   I was asleep almost instantly after he rolled over. 

We had pretty much done nothing else all day, after all. On the floor, on the couch, in the bed, in the kitchen -- he'd beaten me with the paddle, his hands and the cane, and fucked my mouth and cunt for hours and hours.  He attached the magnets to my cunt and had me dance for him.  More magnets makes it harder to dance. 

   A brief break for a shower together.  

"Kneel slave" he told me, as he held his cock.

I knelt in the shower, he began to pee, and I looked down at my chest where it was falling.  He took the back of my hair in his hand and forced my head up until my eyes met his.  It was intense, humbling, a moment that I could never quite explain, feeling his hot piss cover me and looking into his eyes.  There was nothing but love there.   He rinsed me off with the shower hose attachment, then I washed him all over.  

Later on, we took a walk with one of the dogs, getting caught on the way back about half a mile from home in a down pour that turned into a hail storm.  During the storm a neighbor stopped for us.  Master asked her to drive me home.  He said he'd just run with the dog (isn't he the gentleman!), because she was pretty doubtful about having a soaking wet dog in her car.  I was wearing only a tank top and skirt, no bra, and tried not to think about how I looked to her soaking wet.   Anyway, the hail started up as I was running up the driveway.  I took shelter under the overhang of the corncrib to wait for Master, since I left the gate open for him.   He arrived minutes later, having run all the way.   

We warmed up by the fire, then there was more cuddling, more stroking, more cocksucking.  He told me to stand, threw me on the floor, fucked me quickly, then stood up and put his foot on my neck, hard enough to make me feel it but not enough to crush me.  Then we were back to watching the TV.    And so it went all day, with breaks for refreshment and rest.  

After about the third or fourth time I said to him "I feel very slutty today."   He smiled.  I amended "No, not slutty, what is the word for even more than that?  I feel very well used".    

Well used.  That is it exactly.


  1. Oh wow! Sounds like a great way to spend the day. I love that well used feeling.

    I've never been to pissed on but its something I long to experience but of course, its all up to my Clyde.


  2. Being peed on must be a very intense experience. Yes, you were used and it sounds like you enjoyed every minute of the experience.



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