Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Must be crazy

I asked to be a Moderator.  You know, the evil buzz kill ones with all the power.  0.o  

First I asked Master if I could do it, then after he looked at me like I had two heads and I told him what was going on with one of the groups I'm in, he said "Why not just drop the group?"  Which made a lot of sense, but, well, I've been there a long time and it has some good discussions now and then.  Unfortunately because it is a large group, they are broken up by a lot of spam, rule breakers and fighting that has to be dealt with by guess who?  

The Moderators.

Master did approve it, but while questioning my sanity.
Some of you know I'm on Fetlife quite a bit, as I know I mention it now and then.   Recently, one of the groups I belong to, a huge and highly contentious group, Masters and Slaves (40,570 members currently)  needed more moderators.  One vanished a month ago; we don't know what she's up to, but hopefully nothing bad has happened.   The other two are an M/s couple who just had premature twins born very early and in a precarious state, so their Fet group monitoring is on the back burner obviously. 

The group was rapidly filling up with spammer questions
 (Example:  "I need to get laid NOW!  Who wants to be my Master??? Or I can be your Mistress!!!! I don't care!  I'm a horny idiot!!!! and so on), which needed to be deleted.  So I wrote to Emma and offered to be a Moderator.   She said sure, if I could do it without snarking (Oh, the agony! But Master hasn't allowed that for a while now anyway except by specific approved case) and if I would moderate by her Master's (the group owner) standards.   

So, luckily another friend also offered, and I think she's been on way more than me lately, anyway, I haven't had to do anything yet but watch threads.    Right now I'm watching a borderline one.  It's not exactly against the rules, but not exactly on the subject of living together Masters and slaves.  It's an online domination question.  So I'm watching it.   And doing laundry, and sweeping and mopping the floors.


  1. good luck.

    I used to be a member of fetlife, but i found it clicky in the respect that if one didnt agree with how the majority thought they were slammed, and too full of 'you cant be a slave if you are not xyz'....and i got into a right debate with a mod lol

    not that im saying all of the groups are like that at all, a couple i enjoyed which were laid back, but Master wont allow me back on it even if i wanted to.

    i think you will make a good moderator for what its worth.


    1. Thanks tori! I think I have the calm and fair mindedness, but I also have a heavy dose of indecisiveness.... but I can always ask my Master if I need to!

  2. oooh good luck!

    moderating anything is hard work.

    1. I expect it may be.... so far, not much work.


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