Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun

We stayed up late last night watching more Buffy, then I got a bedtime caning, so by the time we went to sleep it was really late.  

 I woke up at 5:30, realized that with all the night's activities, "The Bunny" hadn't brought any Easter yet, crawled out of bed, filled all the eggs with candy, hid the eggs and set up the baskets in time for the kids to wake up.  They hunted eggs while I watched, and Master slept through the whole thing.  He's not that keen on Easter, preferring sleep.  

After some outrageous flirting by me, we went back to the bedroom.  He turned the music up and I began a teasing naked dance around the room.  He "helped" me dance with the cane, smacking hard on any available bit that he could reach.  It turned more into a dance of avoidance.  

Avoidance quickly turned into cocksucking.

Then he attached a bunch of the magnets to me again, made me dance some more (I can fling magnets off my nipple with a shimmy!  Look out- flying magnets!).   The ones on my lower lips stayed on throughout the dancing.    He caned me some more and then told me to lie on the floor and spread.  

The magnets got in his way this time. 

 I guess they were holding everything down there together! 

So he removed them (this was ouchy pinchy!) and took me hard. 

We moved to the bed and he tied my wrists over my head with the leather strap and paddled my ass as he fucked me.  I was on top.  Then he took the leather strap off and used it to beat my chest.  I turned my head away to avoid getting hit in the face.  That is one of my favorite things, the strap. Yum yum.  So many orgasms.  

 A lot more beating and smacking and fucking and many, many orgasms later we collapsed in a soggy heap.   My ass was red and sore; so were my breasts.

Mystique and her submissive, hasufel, came over in the afternoon to see us.  While the guys worked on chopping up some firewood, I made an Easter lasagna (it should be a thing, if it isn't already, right?) and a phyllo dough cinnamon roll dessert.  

 We went back to Mystique's for our Game of Thrones night.   What a great episode it was too!  I was annoyed when it ended.  More, more, more!   I want to see it all now!

At bedtime Master was determined to beat and fuck me again.  He used mainly the mini-blind rod pictured in the last post, which has quite a bite to it.     He used it hard too.  I'm sore.  I haven't looked to see if there are marks yet.  

Happy Easter to me!

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