Monday, March 31, 2014

Relaxing at Night

We had a very full weekend and my holes got thoroughly fucked- six times!  Thanks to Master, last night my pussy was so sore that every time he touched it I was wincing and shrinking away.  I think he was having fun poking me and then say "Oh, did that hurt?  Is the cunny cunt sore?"   And then I would make faces (shooting daggers? pouts? some of each?) before saying "Yes, Master, sore".

He said he'd give me the night off anyway, because he was tired.  We headed up to bed, but then he thought a nice flogging might relax him, so I got naked and got in position.  The flogging was really light, except for sometimes, but then he used the whip and the cane some, and even the belt.  Finally he took the cane and stuck it between my legs, then lifted up, hard.  I squeaked and grabbed him, trying to get up on my toes to avoid the stick. 

Which did not work.  At all.

He took the cane away, and pulled my hair back, lifting my face, to kiss me.

"Good slave" he said.

Now he was all relaxed and ready for bed.   


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