Saturday, May 23, 2015

At the library

Master was doing some research on cars at the library today, and I sat down beside him.   I was achy.  I complained about my sore butt, which was hurting in at least two different ways from this morning. 

He looked hard at me and said "Well, if you weren't such a naughty thing that wouldn't happen, now would it, cunt?"   

I got all grin-y and duck-y on him and squishy, a bit, because though I had been a bit slow and naughty this morning when he gave an order, taking my time to come in to him, because I was wanting to finish up an extra few things, he wasn't all that upset with me.   I know (because he told me) that he would have beaten me either way, and either way there would have been him pounding the butt plug into my ass while fucking me long and hard from behind.  

But still.  

That little reprimand.  Getting all in my head again, in the library of all places.  

Then he was ready to go.  We were in a back room with the magazines, no one else in sight.  He stood up and tugged my hair back, a little reminder to hurry up.

We still had to do all the shopping for the week because until he gets a new car I won't have one to do that stuff.

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  1. Good luck on finding a new car. I hate buying a new car under pressure.


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