Saturday, May 30, 2015

Car Buying: Banter Nearly Goes Awry

We spent the afternoon car shopping and evidently I can be a "cast iron bitch", according to Master, when it comes to resisting car salesman upselling.  He is very proud of me for that, in fact.  

One guy really tried hard to get us in a car we couldn't afford, or else a car that Master couldn't even sit comfortably in. The comfort level wasn't bad for me, but I'm much shorter, and it won't be the car I have to drive much.  We didn't get one today, but we are close to finding the right one.  We have eliminated many that didn't quite work.

This was the funny bit though.  

 We're driving around in one of the test drive cars and Master is chit-chatting with a very young (19) salesman who announces that he's engaged to be married.  Master tells him there will be ups and downs in a marriage, but hang tough, and then says to me:

"You agree with me, right?"

I say yes.

He says "That should always be 'Yes, Mas...' " he quick looks at the salesman ... "Yes, Sir".  

I say "Yes, Sir".   *giggles*

Between that and a couple times of "Hush, woman" from Master to me, I don't know what he thought of us.  

Probably just that Master is living the dream.  



  1. lol i almost feel sorry for the young lad, but i bet he went and told his colleagues about it!



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